That Pre-Workout works!

Just took Chargdup Class and then PT back 2 back!!!!!!  Today was the best Monday ever!!!

You Made An Amazing Product!

So the pre-workout.  First of all I won’t take them because they always make me feel weird, but I tried yours since you said it would not have the affect.  The first set of jump squats had me sweating, by the time I was finished I was limp but not tired.  Next time I’ll take it a little earlier because I stayed up a little later but I wasn’t tired when I woke up.  I’ll say you made an amazing product.

I Had Much More Energy

Charg’d up hit very different for me with your pre-workout. I had much more energy.

You're on to Something

It’s the truth. You’re on to something and the best part is I was able to fall asleep and I slept through the night which is unusual for me.

I Will Never Drink Another Energy Drink Again

Pre-workout is the truth.  I will never drink another energy drink again.

I'm In Love

So today for the first time ever I tried pre-workout!  I’m so proud that it was yours and even more proud that it’s Black Owned cause I’m in love.  I was in step class turnt lol and sweating bullets but no jitters!  Great job friend!  Keep going!!

That Stuff Was Good!

That stuff was good!  It worked.  I’m telling you, I took it yesterday I wasn’t drained mid day and I ran on my treadmill with no problem last night.

I Truly Did Feel a Difference

So, I tried the Charg’d Up pre-workout for the first time today and I truly did feel a difference during my workout. I definitely felt like I had extra energy, a little stronger and I also felt as if I wasn’t pausing as much during sets! It works!