Get Charg’d Up With Philly


The Ultimate Fat Burning DVD

CHARG’D UP is guaranteed to push your endurance to the limit through increasing levels of high energy, fast pace cardio with him calling moves so fast, it’ll have you questioning if there are cliff notes to learn.

Charg’d Up Pre Workout

Natural Mixed Berry Flavor (30 – 0.3oz packs)

Do you need an extra boost to perform your workout or get you through your day? Charg’d Up Pre-workout will help you get there. Our pre-workout is made with all natural ingredients, no ephedra or artificial stimulants. Most energy drinks are high in sugar and artificial colors. Our formula uses stevia as a natural sweetener and has no artificial coloring. Designed to Support a Healthy Energy Level without the crash! 



of Vitamin C

That Pre-Workout works!

Just took Chargdup Class and then PT back 2 back!!!!!!  Today was the best Monday ever!!!

You Made An Amazing Product!

So the pre-workout.  First of all I won’t take them because they always make me feel weird, but I tried yours since you said it would not have the affect.  The first set of jump squats had me sweating, by the time I was finished I was limp but not tired.  Next time I’ll take it a little earlier because I stayed up a little later but I wasn’t tired when I woke up.  I’ll say you made an amazing product.

I Had Much More Energy

Charg’d up hit very different for me with your pre-workout. I had much more energy.

You're on to Something

It’s the truth. You’re on to something and the best part is I was able to fall asleep and I slept through the night which is unusual for me.

I Will Never Drink Another Energy Drink Again

Pre-workout is the truth.  I will never drink another energy drink again.

I'm In Love

So today for the first time ever I tried pre-workout!  I’m so proud that it was yours and even more proud that it’s Black Owned cause I’m in love.  I was in step class turnt lol and sweating bullets but no jitters!  Great job friend!  Keep going!!

That Stuff Was Good!

That stuff was good!  It worked.  I’m telling you, I took it yesterday I wasn’t drained mid day and I ran on my treadmill with no problem last night.

I Truly Did Feel a Difference

So, I tried the Charg’d Up pre-workout for the first time today and I truly did feel a difference during my workout. I definitely felt like I had extra energy, a little stronger and I also felt as if I wasn’t pausing as much during sets! It works!

Charg’d Up T-Shirt

100% Cotton


Join the movement and get your Charg’dUp T-Shirt to show your commitment to your healthy lifestyle! You can’t be contained, you can’t be stopped, you’re CHARG’D UP! 


Philly Weeden “Dr. Miami of Cleveland”

Known as Dr. Miami of Cleveland, Philly Weeden has been transforming bodies and minds for 20 plus years. Featured on Cleveland’s Fox 8 news for 2020 Best Fitness Center in Northeast Ohio, his Charg’d Up and HardCore classes are nothing less than intense. His passion for helping others to grow in their fitness journey is obvious in every class he teaches. Charg’d Up is guaranteed to push your endurance to the limit through increasing levels of high energy, fast pace cardio with him calling moves so fast that will have you questioning if there are cliff notes to learn. But that is just the warm up!!! His Hardcore class is a personal training session with a focus on total body strength training. In this class, Philly brings his personal work ethic through continuously pushing you through each set. He leads by example by sometimes joining you in working out, so you understand his ‘That didn’t take long!’ attitude to training is obtainable. When not teaching classes, Philly is dedicated to transforming bodies with his in person and online personal training clients. His classes are addicting and he truly has mastered the craft of engaging all members in person and live streaming.